Grandmother's Tomb

I am not trying to accuse anyone. Here, I only want to talk about my memories of her.

I am a firm materialist. Because of this, I always thought tombs unnecessary, since one’s spirit is unlikely to exist after their decease. The dead need no places to rest. Death is void and eternal.

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Shanghai Once Again

When I left Shanghai for the US I was all on my own. I met new friends, got a new community, had a new life style and embraced a different culture. Everything was fresh. By the end the second year, I already see Berkeley as my second home. Now I am back, to my real home, where my family is, where I grew up, where I spent 18 years of my life.

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UCLA Applied Mathematics Infosheet

This page is a catch-all infosheet for UCLA applied math students like me. This page collected the requirements for students to declare the major and to graduate. It also has information on optional challenges, specifically: specialization in computing, statistics minor, and department honor program.

Because there are simply too much information, I am not able to list all the sources from which I collected these information, but all infomation in this article does come from UCLA’s official websites. Still, there can be things that I accidentally left out or mistaken. You can use this as a reference, but do not rely solely on this page.

If you notice any error in this page, please contact me and let me know.

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