I am Qingwei Zeng 曾庆伟 a.k.a. Jim Zenn.
For a formal resume, check here.

1994, born in Shanghai, China.

2013, pursued a B.S. degree in computer science at Harbin Institute of Technology; founded IO design group.

2015, dropped out.

2015, became a software engineer at Teambition. Loved it.

2015, left Teambition; went to the United States.

2015, applied to UC Berkeley while living at Berkeley Student Cooperative.

2016, declined by UC Berkeley; tried again.

2017, served as house president at Berkeley Student Cooperative.

2017, worked as a lab assistant at UC Berkeley’s notorious data structure course, CS 61B.

2017, declined by UC Berkeley again; went to UCLA instead pursuing a degree in math.

2018, went to Los Angeles; haunted by how rich everybody was.

2019, left Los Angeles.

2019, interned at Google in Mountain View, CA.