• University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Mathematics of Computation Math of Computation 2018 - 2020
    • Works in a project that uses Spark, AsterixDB, and Zeppelin to support big data analytics in cluster.
  • University of California, Berkeley UC Berkeley Cross Enrollment 2017 - 2017
    • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Data Structures, Computational Models of Cognition.
  • Harbin Institute of Technology Computer Science 2013 - 2015
    • Algorithms, Probability Theory, Numerical Methods, Modern Algebra, Assembly Language, Set Theory, Graph Theory, Computer Architecture.

Professional Experiences

  • University of California, Berkeley UC Berkeley Lab Assistant Jun 2017 - Aug 2017 06/17 - 08/17
    • Gave review session on data structures and helped students on their project design.
  • AI Frontiers Conferences AI Frontiers Organizer Sep 2016 - Present 09/16 - Now
    • Build AI Frontiers’ conference website and manage its digital marketing.
    • Track user behavior flow to improve user experience, and help marketing team retarget users.
    • Write scripts so that the website can be generated dynamically but be hosted statically, maximizing flexibility while minimizing the possibility of server errors.
    • Provide a backend for easy access and batch operation, enabling a fast, easy, and safe way to update content.
  • Teambition Front-end Developer Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 09/15 - 12/15
    • Integrated Evernote, GitHub, and other third-party apps into Teambition for cross-platform collaboration.
    • Upgraded Teambition’s permission system so that admins can have finer access control over their projects.
    • Reviewed and merged group members’ code.
    • Worked with UX team to improve user experience.


  • Parallel Computing CUDA ISPC 2018
    • Followed through the course’s lectures and completed the assignments.
    • Knows how to utilize multiple threads / cores to optimize programs with ISPC or CUDA.
  • Scheme Inteerpreter Python Scheme 2017
    • A scheme interpreter with lexical and syntactical analysis, evaluation and application.
    • Optimized the interpreter with tail call optimation, so that tail recursions are executed like normal iteration.
    • Implemented call/cc special form (i.e. call-with-current-continuation), allowing a scheme procedure to keep a status snapshot and come back later. (Similar to Python’s generator)
    • Impremented define-macro special form, make it possible to use a pre defined macro to create a new procedure.
  • Object Tracking and Following 2015
    • A camera that identifies, tracks, and follows the object (by turning the camera).
    • Used OpenCV to identify and track am specific item in a complex background.
    • Programed the camera motors so that the camera can contineuously capture the object while it moves.

Skills & Interests

  • Langueages & Skills: Python, Java, Kotlin, C, Go, C++, Swift, Javascript, MATLAB, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Processing, Scheme, Sketch, Assembly, Photoshop, Indesign.
  • Frameworks & Tools: CUDA, ISPC, Apache Spark, Apache AsterixDB, Apache Zeppelin, Git, Unix, Vim, Django, Flask, Backbone, TensorFlow, Gulp, Hexo, Hugo.


  • Vice President of Technology of Harbin Institute of Technology International Communication Association. House President at Berkeley Student Cooperative.
  • Tutor for UC Berkeley’s COGSCI 131, Computational Models of Cognition.