Qingwei Zeng expected graduation: March 2020


  • University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Mathematics of Computation [B.S.] (GPA 3.771) Math of Computation B.S. (GPA 3.771) Jun 2018 - 2020 06/18 - 2020
    • Probability Theory, Advanced Linear Algebra, Analysis, Optimization, Data Mining, Mathematical & Numerical Analysis.
  • University of California, Berkeley UC Berkeley Cross Enrollment (GPA 3.850) Jan 2017 - Aug 2017 01/17 - 08/17
    • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Data Structures, Computational Models of Cognition.
  • Carnegie Mellon University Online lectures Jan 2018 - Aug 2018 01/18 - 08/18
    • Distributed System, Parrellel Computing.

more proficient less proficient

  • Data Mining & Machine Learning: knows when and how to apply what algorithm or model, and why the algorithm works.
  • Parallel computing: knows how to use ISPC and CUDA to optimize programs in different parallel settings.
  • Data Structure & Algorithm: solid data structure and algorithm understanding with mathematical insight.
  • Programming Languages: C++ Java Python Typescript Javascript Go Kotlin C HTML & CSS SQL.
  • Design and Prototyping Tools: Sketch Photoshop After Effects Indesign Principle Processing.
  • Frameworks & Tools: CUDA ISPC Angular Git Unix Express Django Gulp Vue React Hexo Hugo.

Work Experiences

  • AI Frontiers Conference | Sunnyvale, CA Full Stack Developer [Javascript] Sep 2016 - Present 09/16 - Now
    • manages, tracks and quantifies digital marketing such that cost stays low while conversion stays high.
    • Utilizes Google Cloud Functions to enable a serverless website which had zero server error and zero down time.
    • Built and maintains a responsive and search-engine-optimized website with over 4,000 users.
  • Teambition | Shanghai, China Front-end Developer Intern [Javascript] Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 09/15 - 12/15
    • Integrated Evernote, GitHub, and other third-party apps into Teambition so that users gets update notifications.
    • Upgraded the interface of the permission system, enabling a finer control within and across organizations.
    • Built Teambition’s blog and career site with Wordpress and nodeJS, both sites now have over 10,000 pageviews.
  • UC Berkeley EECS Dept. | Berkeley, CA Teaching Assistant [Java] Jun 2017 - Aug 2017 06/17 - 06/17
    • Taught concepts covering knowledge of data structures (hash tables, heaps, stacks, queues, tries, BSTs, linked lists, etc.), graph traversal algorithms (Dijkstra’s, Kruskal’s), sorting algorithms (Quicksort, Mergesort), runtime analysis, and more.
  • IO Design Group | Harbin, China Founder Sep 2014 - Aug 2015 09/14 - 08/15
    • Drafted the design guideline for Harbin Institute of Technology Model United Nations and other major events.
    • Managed Harbin Institute of Technology's Model United Nations's design and production.
    • Coordinated the design of Harbin Institute of Technology's 2015 yearbook which was distributed internationally.
    • Co-organized the first Global Innovators' Forum of Technology and Society with 140 attendees.

Personal Projects

  • Drift - Delivery Along the Way Go Python JavaScript 2018
    • Designed a delivery system that utilizes existing traffic to delivery packages with maximized efficiency.
    • Designed algorithms to match deliveries with deliverers which minimize the total cost.
    • Wrote a Go server which used channels and goroutines to handle potential mutex in communications among clients.
    • Wrote a Python server with a visualization of the simulation and routes using Google Maps API and Google Firebase.
  • Math Notes HTML5 CSS3 Javascript 2018
    • Built and designed a website that displays LaTeX notes with clear legible layout optimized for both desktop and mobile.
    • Designed efficient navigation through all the notes with anotations and collapsable proofs and solutions.


    Cooking, Photography, Communistic shared living, Podcasts: Recode Decode, Y Combinator's, Google Methods.